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The Analysis Commons is a cloud-computing environment that combines data from multiple sources and provides analysis access to a wide-range of analysts and developers. Each study uploads phenotype, genotype or other -omics data. Both genetic data and phenotypic data are harmonized and pooled into joint data sets. Analysts can choose from multiple analytic pipelines for association analysis as well as QC, annotation and results visualization. A large number of analysts, from dispersed sites, can access the analytic tools through a web interface or by batch processing through a command line interface. In addition, analysts can run ad hoc analyses, or developers can test and implement new methods by accessing the underlying data resources directly.

TOPMed & dbGaP

dbGAP Template Application and Instructions

"Gatekeeping" Overview and Instructions for gaining access after dbGAP application is approved

Lists of available TOPMed Exchange Area accession numbers can be found on the TOPMed website and clicking on the Tracking tab, then looking at the most recent dbGAP registration update link.

CHARGE Consortium Agreement


For more information, please contact us at acadmin @ uw . edu